The Eye of the Storm; Nico and Solenn on driving the Colorado Storm

The Chevrolet Colorado Storm is a Game-Changer for Solenn

by Kenneth M. del Rosario

Solenn Heussaff spends a lot of time on the road.

The actress has such a busy filming schedule for her various TV and movie projects, going from one faraway place to another for the better part of the week. On a normal day, she travels three hours to film in various locations outside Manila. The trip could, at times, be a huge hassle.

That’s how the Chevrolet Colorado Storm is such a game-changer for Solenn. “I’m usually shooting six days a week. And I’m so thankful that the Colorado Storm gives me so much comfort when I need to stay in the car for a long time,” she said. “I wait in the car, I sleep there, I study my lines there, so comfort is essential.” The option to turn it from a 4x2 to a 4x4, Solenn said, is also very useful, especially when she’s taping in farther locations with steep and rocky roads.

“It also has so much space which I really need with all the things I sometimes bring for taping.” The Colorado Storm, which was launched last year, is the latest pickup truck to join the American brand’s roster of dependable vehicles in its century-old history.

When she’s not on location, Solenn basks in the simple joys of life. “I love to get up early and walk to my Muay Thai class. If I’m not on set ‘til early morning the next day, I usually do my groceries and prepare a meal for Nico and I,” she said. “On weekends, I use the Colorado Storm to head to the market and buy my plants and soil, etc. I like simple days.” Solenn loves that the Colorado Storm is so easy to use, despite being a big truck, saying she would never be able to part something of that size before. But the camera at the back and the sensors at the sides make parking extra easy and precise.

The Colorado Storm is truly a highly capable, powerful pickup truck that people like Solenn can bring to work while at the same time have fun with it. With the Colorado Storm, the day-to-day road challenges turn into quality time on the road.

“The Colorado Storm actually has a very smooth drive. I love that it ‘cancels’ noise from the outside too. The sleek black trim design, and the interiors are closer to a classy car, and not a regular truck,” Solenn said. “Oh and the color I chose is also badass,” as she refers to the “Pull Me Over Red” hue option.


Driving the Chevrolet Colorado Storm Reminds Nico of Home and Family

by Kenneth M. del Rosario

There’s a lot to love about the Chevrolet Colorado Storm.

For Nico Bolzico, driving the pickup truck reminds him of home back in Argentina where his dad always used to drive a Chevy.

“It’s nostalgic and exciting at the same time. Driving the Colorado Storm transports me back in time, when my dad and I used to go to farms with a Chevy. So every time I step into the truck, the first thing I remember is my family,” the model and businessman said.

Nico’s days are never the same. One day he’s at the office, the next he’s visiting a farm in the provinces. “It’s not always easy to reach farms, especially in the provinces, because the roads could be rough,” he said. But wherever he was headed for the day, needless to say, having a reliable car is of utmost importance.

“Simply put, it’s incredible. You can really feel the power of the Colorado Storm every time you go behind the wheel. The drive is so smooth that it doesn’t even seem like a truck, which is normally harder to drive. Plus the fact that it’s really cool driving a handsome car,” he said. Nico also appreciates that it’s spacious inside, which is important because he gets a little bit claustrophobic when stuck inside the car in traffic. That and the fact that, in case there are floods, he feels so much more safer on board the Colorado Storm. Being married to a woman like Solenn Heussaff, who also values living a fit and healthy lifestyle, is a huge plus. When Nico’s not busy attending to his businesses, he sometimes exercises with his wife. “What I try to do every day before starting my day is to work out. I’ll either do a 10k-run with 200 push ups or 20 sprints up a hill with 200 push ups,” he said. With the Colorado Storm, Nico found the vehicle that could cope with his active and adventurous lifestyle. It’s a car built for the needs and wants of go-getters, with sport and edgy styling, refined and comfortable interior, and advanced safety and convenience features.

“What I love about the Storm is a combination of things—technology, look, power, engine performance. It’s virtually unstoppable. With the 4x4, you can quite literally go anywhere you want,” he said. “It’s probably the best truck in the world for me.”

This story was published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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