The All-New Trailblazer can be easily seen as a full-size SUV luxury vehicle -- thanks to an exterior design vocabulary that combines sculptural, muscular sheet metal surfaces with premium appointments.  Its full-size-like presence is defined by its overall length (longest in competitive set); wheelbase (longest in set); width (widest in set); and front/rear treads (widest in set).
With a body in, wheels out design philosophy, the new Trailblazer conveys a planted stance that speaks of its strong presence and commanding capabilities.
Exterior highlights on the new Trailblazer include:
  • A contemporary dual-port grille – an unmistakable brand cue – that carries a three-dimensional grille mesh;


  • A dramatic power dome in the hood combined with a raised cowl leaves no doubt that the Trailblazer is first, and foremost, a capable SUV;


  • Higher mounted dual parabola (4x4) or projector headlamps that are positioned beneath the power dome, emphasizing the visual strength in the face of the vehicle;


  • LED illuminated tail lamps on the 4x4 model – one of the first applications of LED lighting technology in its competitive set;


  • 18-inch alloy wheels (4x4);
Projecting an athletic, agile stance through a rugged yet clean look, the All-New Chevrolet Trailblazer visually conveys the strength of an SUV with the presence of classiness and cultured refinement. The Trailblazer was designed to focus on creating a bold, sophisticated, and timeless exterior statement incorporating the best visual qualities of Chevrolet – proportions, posture, power, sculpture, clean surfacing and jewel-like details.